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  1. We are pleased to report that the ambition to secure sponsorship for top performing children to go on to High School has been well received.

    A group of Trustees and supporters will be visiting school in Timboni in January 2020 and we will be able to update you further about progress at that time.

    You can read about a new initiative to provide vocational training for older pupils who will not go onto high school in this news feed (prior to a firm announcement).

  2. We have a new quiz edition. This can be printed off and used for your own amusement or within your community group. As you will see the theme is around our Nets for Nets project. It is humbling to think that for the cost of a cup of coffee a child from this rural community in eastern Kenya could have a safe and effective mosquito net. In some rarer cases children from Timboni school have died from malarial related diseases. Much more common are cases of children experiencing many months lost schooling and the lifelong disadvantages this brings.
    We trust you will enjoy the quiz – all the necessary details are on the attached form CLICK HERE

    We are, as always, indebted to trustee Frances for all her hard work putting this together and then for checking returns.