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  1. (Apologies for posting this late, but as you may be aware we have redeveloped the website to better show you the work that is done at Timboni School)

    Under the Mango Tree wanted to help the orphans this past Christmas time and the best way to do this was agreed to be with parcels of food. We have received some wonderful photographs showing the presentation of these parcels by the lovely staff.

  2. It is with great sadness that we report the untimely death of Mr Elvis Makonde, younger brother of Rev Charles Makonde. Elvis leaves two daughters, his wife Rebecca having died at a young age just two years ago.
    Elvis was Chairman of the Timboni School Development and Feeding committee and as such was our main point of contact for the school projects. His contribution of time and talents to the school and his support for Under The Mango Tree will be greatly missed.