ICT project

We are looking for funding, around £650. Could you or your organisation help?

The school does not have fit for purpose computers to meet the challenges within the curriculum.

A formal written request has been made to create a computer suite, which will be situated in the library.

4 desktop computers                    x 22,000                      88,000kes

(Lenovo intel core i5, 4gb RAM, 250gb HDD full set with 19” monitor)    

Canon Printer                                                                        32,000kes

(G2411 copy, print, scan

                                                                        Total             120,000kes

Sewing machine project

£750 - We have agreed to seek funding for 4 sewing machines. This will help the children as part of the curriculum because they have no sewing equipment at present. An unused space will be converted as a dedicated sewing space.

Can you help? Are you a member of a craft group who could help raise money?

Covered dining hall

£5,500 estimated cost

There is nowhere for the children to sit to eat their meals. In the rainy season things can get very difficult with children queueing and eating in the rain. Small children sit on the school walkways and there is an inevitable mess.

A first building estimate has been received to build a 150 seat covered dining hall to be situated inbetween the kitchen and the classroom block.

Once the drawings are received we will look at funding the building in stages as monies come in.

We are looking to you, our supporters for help.

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What happens when children leave Timboni?

For many children from this community secondary education is not an option. Either families are simply unable to find the money for school fees or the children are not sufficiently well educated to meet even the minimum selection criteria for entry to secondary school.

However, we are delighted to report that thanks to the dedicated support of Under the Mango Tree’s funding of extra teachers, buildings, feeding programme and resources, the quality of learning in Timboni Primary school is allowing more and more children to achieve the necessary standard to join a secondary school.

For those that need extra financial help, seven children, both boys and girls, were receiving some support for secondary education from the charity’s supporters in 2021, the last of whom finish in 2024.

Educating girls

There is an abundance of evidence and international reports to show that encouraging girls in rural areas like Timboni to stay on in school benefits the health and well-being of the whole community, not just the individual.

Generous supporters are already sponsoring bright girls from Timboni Primary through the four years of secondary education at Ribe Girls boarding school (www.ribegirls.sc.ke). Boarding at school is sometimes the only option for rural communities that do not have ready access to senior education. However, we are seeing more children attend non-boarding schools as the road network continues to improve several kilometers away.

Boarding fees are around £500 per year and we want to promise any young person we sponsor that they will have funding for the full three years. We don’t want to start something we can’t finish.

If you would like to help in this way please click HERE to contact us.