What work has been done so far...


Under The Mango Tree has received approximately £140,000 in donations or from fund raising activities (2012-2018)

Funds have been applied to a range of smaller and larger projects based upon the priorities that the school and community set each year

  • Refurbished kitchen and latrines
  • Three new classrooms and a staff work room built
  • New set of toilets built
  • Provision of classroom furniture
  • Provision of mosquito nets to all staff and children
  • Provision of educational materials
  • Funded learning trips
  • Outside play equipment
  • Construction of a playing field
  • Funding of three nursery teachers


Much has been achieved with a comparatively modest amount and an unexpected consequence of supporting the school and community in this way has encouraged the Kenyan Local Government to invest more in the school; it has funded the building of other classrooms and allocated additional teaching staff.

By the end of 2016 the school was fully operational as a nursery and primary school and the third classroom was built and opened in 2018 to help cope with the rising demand for education.

 Over 300 children are registered and, most importantly, the primary school has produced pupils ready to take the Primary School Leaving Examinations (standard 8 from age 12) for the very first time ensuring their graduation to secondary school. 

The school has made excellent progress; the community are proud of their facilities and demonstrate this pride by their active engagement with the school; all school events are well supported by parents, grandparents and extended families.

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