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Following significant changes to the education system in 2018-20, what was Timboni Nursery and Primary School has had its education range extended to include Junior SECONDARY years. The average age of leaving should be around 14 years but delays in learning have been historically high, usually caused by missed schooling (pupils needed to help at home with care or work) or a late start (reluctance to send children to school). Some pupils are age 18-19 years.

Under the Mango Tree recognises that there continues to be ongoing challenges for both teachers and pupils. Funding has been in place for teaching staff for a number of years and this was increased  to six teachers in 2019. However, because of the changes and the success of Timboni, the education authority now provides 8 Primary/junior Secondary teachers and 2 Nursery teachers. This still leaves a shortfall and in 2024 and 2025 we are funding 2 teachers, one for each department.

The staff in 2024

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Timboni School has a feeding programme.

Under the Mango Tree has been providing support for the feeding program for many years and substantially increased this support in 2018.

In 2024, around 320 children are given a breakfast of porridge followed by a lunch around 1pm. The school day starts at 7am and many children walk long distances, often in bare feet, so ensuring the children are fed and energised is a priority.

Once school finishes around 5pm, the children walk home again. Often children can be seen carrying their younger siblings wrapped on their backs.

In 2023, the school day was extended to 6pm for older children with an extra half day on Saturday.