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New to Timboni -Nature Boys Football Club

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The community in Timboni has formed a football club called the Nature Boys Football Club, which despite the name is an inclusive club.

Latest information shows 30 boys and 22 girls involved.

The team has its own coach, Shaban Riko, and we understand that participation in a tournament has already taken place (no results known!).

As you may remember, the playing field was only developed in 2018 after generous funding from Under the Mango Tree supporters so this all sounds really positive, that both the school and the wider community are benefitting from this particular facility.

Part of the deal for those attending is to receive information about ‘youth issues’, including teenage pregnancy, drugs, HIV / aids.

This is a fledgling initiative ONLY possible because the field is there.

Over recent years we have witnessed the developing school becoming more and more of a community centre, a place to gather. This football initiative entirely led by the community is perhaps the biggest step forward.


See them playing on our Gallery page

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