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Quiz - fund raising for Toilets 2019

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Hello everyone

To support the latest initiative on fundraising for new toilets at the school please see the link below for two .pdf files; a Toilets quiz with 50 questions and another file for the front and back cover if you would lile to print them out and use it in your club/group. 

None of the questions or answers should offend anyone. 


This quiz has been created by one of our trustees and all the necessary information is included in the two attached files should you have any interest.


You will see that the quiz is designed to be fun and at the same time create awareness of the ‘toilet’ situation at the school.


There’s an abundance of evidence and international reports showing that encouraging girls in remote rural areas like the one around Timboni to stay on in school benefits the health and well-being of the whole community, not just the individual. At present the only toilet facilities for older girls and women teachers are unhygienic, unpleasant, a cause of lost school days and, it’s believed, a reason why some older girls give up on school completely. So our big project for 2019 is to raise £10,500 to build cleaner, more welcoming and properly equipped toilet space.

Quiz Questions

Quiz - front and back cover



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